Monday, May 27, 2013

A Slight Stall, a Gain, a Major Refocus

As per my usual way of operating, I got really frustrated getting stalled at the same 5 lbs. lost and regained, and my stress response to bad news was to stop any and all routine that I had around keto. Couple this with my love of stress eating and penchant for self-destruction, I have been less than stellar with eating keto.

And while I gained some of the weight back, I'm not feeling terrible or guilty about it. I *am* finding it interesting that I can eat the same amount of calories a day (1600-1800), but if I eat lots of wheat, I gain pretty consistently. What the hell is that all about?

Gym wise, I am going several times a week on my lunch break. I need the stress relief and there are 5 that are fairly close to where I work. I particularly love BodyCombat, and have discovered the addictiveness that is Zumba.  I am mosdef not a fan of BodyAttack because it is too much jumping for my legs to handle.

Anyway, I had a number in my head that once I hit the scale, no more slacking on my weekdays, back to Keto Business.  I hit that number last week, so I planned out my meals for the rest of the month, and decided to do a 3 day Fat Fast to kick my ass back into ketosis.  I started today. This morning I was not in  ketosis, this evening, I am. I did a light workout at the gym as well, just to help kickstart the process a little faster, but I did not expect to switch up within the first 12 hours!!

I didn't relish the idea of macadamia nuts and cream cheese for the next three days, so I am trying several foods out. I am especially excited to try Keto Alfredo meal idea, but with some Shiratake noodles. I don't eat a huge amount of cheese day to day, but I do like it. Shove 3 types of cheese and make it into keto pasta sauce? Yes please!

Today I did:

4 slices bacon
Cream cheese and Cucumbers
Coffee with Heavy Cream and Almonds
Another coffee with heavy cream

I haven't managed to get home and make dinner yet, but I will definitely eat. I'm not hungry despite sitting at 800 calories for the day so far, but the aim of the game is 1000, so I am going to go for it.

I will update after the fat fast to share the results. Also, to bitch and complain if I hate doing a fat fast.

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