Sunday, October 20, 2013

Poor Life Decisions

Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays, mostly because I get drunk on turkey and stuffing. This year I was a "turkey orphan" as my family cancelled the big family shindig, so I cooked up a feast for some friends and I to enjoy together.

I've been struggling to eat keto consistently, mostly because for NO REASON AT ALL I stopped meal planning and shopping on a regular basis. So since I was struggling I thought, "Screw it. Doing a carby thanksgiving!"

And I did. Pork sausage stuffing, jalapeno citrus cranberry sauce, maple buttercup squash. It was a delicious meal (and series of leftovers.)  But then I couldn't get back into eating keto and I have been sugar and wheat binging for over a week, and MAN does my body feel it. Oh, and I have also discovered that when I eat larger amounts of wheat my stomach goes apeshit. And yet what was I eating all week? Yeah. Poor life decisions.

Anyway I spent this morning looking up recipes and will be meal planning for the week. No one is going to do it for me!

I am also thinking of getting back to lifting weights again, but I am having a huge amount of anxiety around going to the gym and teaching myself. I am not in a position to pay a trainer either. I will have to keep lurking /r/xxfitness until I can get my head right.

I'm going to do a quick 3-day fat fast to kick myself back into ketosis. Hell if I add a little cardio in I can get there in a day and a half. My body likes keto I don't know why I keep sabotaging or failing to plan.

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