Monday, October 20, 2014

Post-Accident Fitness Frustration

Just checking in. I am now back to being able to do some swimming, cardio, and as of last week, some weights, provided that I modify any moves that involve neck/shoulders.

I am still getting massive headaches after I do any upper body movement that is beyond gentle stretching - and I mean anything from cleaning my fridge, to carrying a load of laundry, to light workouts. It sucks, but I have to keep moving. I think I have taken more ibuprofen in the last few months that I have for the entire rest of my life. Oh, my liver!

Anyway, it is 6 a.m., and I cannot sleep for the life of me. I got my old Ipod Shuffle restored, after a year of it not working. So now I am throwing some Pantera on, and I may run over to the gym before everyone in the house wakes up. I'm thinking I want to roast in the sauna and do some foam rolling and stretching to ease up my back and neck.

The DietBet is going well, I have hit my goals for the first 2 rounds. I have noticed that after doing some weights for the first time in a while, my weight has gone up and and I am SO SORE. Even with glutamine in my shake post-workout and all the ibuprofen I choke down, I have to take a few days in between right now.

But I gotta keep moving!

Since I am being light on the upper body, I have been considering trying out the "Strong Curves" program. There is a few workout programs on it, including a beginner and advanced program for the gym, a lower body only workout, and a home bodyweight work out. I grabbed the book from the library to comb through and will try out some of the routines in the next few weeks. If I like it enough, I will grab my own hard copy.  A lot of reviews of the book explain that the ebook edition is hard to flip through, is not indexed well, and does not have links to the exercises, so hard copy it is!

I will try to be better about updating here. I have just been very down and very keeping-to-myself for the last few months. I guess it is a side effect from the accident, but still, I should snap out of it already!

Talk to you soon.

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