Sunday, August 17, 2014

Keeping on Ketoing on

Since the last time I logged in here, I have been doing keto on and off for most of the summer, not being particularly motivated. I have managed to stay within 5-7 lbs. of the weight that I have not been able to break past, which is amazing.

I've decided that I've had enough of treading water with keto, so I have decided to joining a Dietbet 6 month competition. Basically, you pledge a set amount of money per month for 6 months. Every month you have to reach a certain milestone to win. If you hit the milestone, you split the pot with the other winners, and if you don't hit that milestone, you forfeit your money for that month.  The overall goal is to lose 10% of your body weight.

I was recently involved in a car accident and had very little ability to move my neck, shoulders, arms and back, so needless to say the gym has been a no-go for a few weeks. I have been seeing a physiotherapist and doing my physio exercises at home, so as of Friday I was cleared to do walking, some gentle specific stretches, and once the burns heal, swimming.

I got my walking desk aka battle station back up and running, as this was the perfect reason for me to start cleaning my super cluttered room.  I had to brace the legs on the laptop stand, as one had collapsed from too much weight (my laptop is a monster), which I managed to do with a bit of twine.

So here she is, ready to go. I am resetting my FitBit goal to work back up to 5000 steps per day, and will be able to supplement my activity at work, which is limited at this time, with extra steps to hit my goal.

This week coming, I am going on a trip for work, and planning food ahead is going to be very, very difficult as I have no access to the menus that will be available. I am going to bring some supplies to help me get by, and so far have been able to pack some beef jerky, pepperoni sticks, mixed nuts, tea, and will be making 4 of my Promasil Chocolate Chia Shakes (sans water), just in case there are meals being served that I can`t eat.

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