Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 2013!

Though I would check in for the beginning of the month.

I continue to eat Keto for the most part. I am pretty quickly getting the idea that cheating always shows up within 3 days on the scale, except if I only have a few Vitamin V's (Voda/Soda) once a week. Breads/Pastas/Rice carbs show up, vodka does not. I can live with this.

I'm down over 16 lbs. of fat and up just over 3 lbs. of muscle, which I understand is pretty hard to do (lose fat and gain muscle at the same time) so I will take it with a grin on my face.

Did a lot more walking in December, and threw in 6 cardio workouts. I think for January I will aim to do 8 workouts, as a way to complement Keto eating, and to kick my ass back into ketosis when I've cheated. Basically I can do 2 workouts over 2 days and get back into ketosis, as long as I am really focused on sticking to the food.

Food wise, I have to mix vegetables into the mix to be able to lose. For some strange reason if I do nothing but meat/eggs/bacon/cream/coconut oil, my loss slows, but if I throw in a salad for lunch and some veggies in my stir-fry, my body responds. This is good, as a keto newb I was nervous that I would not be able to have my veggies!

That being said, I am a very happy girl to be able to eat bacon and eggs every day. (And yes, I pretty much do this every day for breakfast or lunch. Yum!)  If I know I will not be near a kitchen, I will do hardboiled eggs and some bacon in a ziplock. Portable, and delicious hot or cold.

I am also still using Nexercise, which is an app that lets you earn points for working out, and competing with your friends. They have also started letting people earn rewards from different sponsors, such as free eyeglasses, amazon credits etc.

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