Monday, April 30, 2012

Building Routine

One of my major downfalls is that I have absolutely NO ROUTINE in my life other than wake up, get the kid to school, get to work, and pick him up.  Oh, and laundry on Wednesdays when I get desperate. This is in all areas of my life, not just the health/eating/fitness aspect. I do this with my bills, my cleaning, my social life, some aspects of my work, EVERYTHING.

So there is one thing I have added in the last week and a half. I am now dedicating 1 hour a week to a self-defense drop-in class run by Makoto Kabayama. It's 1 hour a week for me time, where I can work on some fitness, and at the same time, some don't-get-stabbed skills. (If you knew the area of town I work in and some of the stuff that goes on there, you would be taking a self-defense course too. I was at court 2 Fridays ago for some jackass that pushed his way into the office and pulled a knife. Thank spaghettimonster the security guard happened to be around. Sheesh.)

I'm also making a lunch for work the night before, so that I am not starving and rooting through the junk at the local donut shop when I get ravenous at work.  Today I brought some cut up peppers and tomato, baby spinach, sprouts, hummus and salsa with a tortilla, and made a veggie wrap.

They are small steps, but they are steps nonetheless. I will add another routine next week, most likely dealing with the chaos that is my household, and just keep plugging away at it. Consistency, I think, is not a way of being, but a way of doing.

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