Saturday, April 14, 2012

Getting into it, but OH the soreness!

One of the major roadblocks I set up for myself with working out and eating is consistency. I have a track record going back six years where I work out consistently for three weeks, then I stop.

There is one 8-month exception to this rule, when I joined a Goodlife Fitness near my work, and would go 3-4 week days, and 1-2 weekend days. I was also attending Physio twice a week to try to address the issues I have in my legs. (Turns out it actually originates in my upper back, but I ran out of benefits before we could fix it permanently.)  When my then-spouse and I split, so did a lot of the disposable income, so the gym is something that had to be cut.

Now for the past 9 days, I have done a workout on 5 of them. As much as I would love to get straight to 6 days a week solid working out, I have to tell you, I have been beyond sore.  Even though I am warming up, stretching after the workout, getting my water, and taking glutamine after strength workouts, my back has been sore to the point that sitting and sleeping is difficult.

I know this will pass as I start to be more consistent, but it is an added excuse when I am trying to talk myself OUT of working out. (Oh come on, you do it or have done it too...)

I've done 2 strength workouts and 3 cardio workouts. What I have not done yet is a stretching workout. I have some pilates and yoga DVDs, but I have to say, I am not a fan of either, and never have been.  Mostly because it hurts, and because some of the moves aggravate the nerve crap going on in my legs. Regardless, one of my goals is to consistently do 1 stretching workout a week.

Food has been good for the majority of my meals. I am cooking a few meals ahead of time, and bringing lunch and a snack to work so that I am not ravenous by the end of the day. Tonight I am making a really simple Chicken Cacciatore recipe, and will have a few servings left over to freeze for the rest of the week.

I'll be back again to post, sooner than 9 days from now. I think perhaps I will set Fridays as a guaranteed posting day, and try to post at least once during the beginning of the week if I have anything interesting to say.

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