Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spring feels like Summer

Went for two 30-minute walks today, threw on some sunscreen and hit the road with some company. I was a little twitch after the first walk, which I interpreted as my muscles waking up and screaming, "HEY! Long time no use!"

This evening I have been having some trouble walking on my left foot. It's the outside from the joint on the pinky toe and moving backwards. I've popped some ibuprofen after about 8 hours of complaining, so now things are feeling less ouchy.

I got my household calendar together. I've done the meal planning on a 3 week schedule, and I've been trying to track spending on groceries, special events, etc. and I am trying to check it out everyday.  I've not moved up to a consistent workout plan, other than I always take time on Sundays to do something physical. I missed the self-defense class again, and will miss next Sunday, but will then resume my regularly scheduled programming.

This week I am going to bring a lunch to work every day. That is going to be my consistency goal in terms of my health goals. Tomorrow I can bring some leftover rice pasta with a chicken and eggplant marinara sauce. Smells good (one of my roomies cooked tonight) but I am not feeling like eating at the moment. I had a huge breakfast and a nice chicken sandwich in the late afternoon. I know I should do the 3 meals 2 snacks, or 5 small meals, but that is coming later. For now, pack a lunch so that I am not starving every lunchtime at work.

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