Monday, May 28, 2012

What's the What

Hello again,

1. I have brought lunch almost every day to work.  I forgot it on the counter today, so I had to dip into my emergency stash of snacks at work. I had a Luna Bar in the cupboard, which I have not tried before. (I bought 3 flavours last week on sale, and put them in the cupboard at work in case of foodmergency.) It was good, but very, very sweet.

2. I put this program, Nexercise, on my Ipod, and have started using my workout minutes in a game format. It's damn fun, and I have had at least one friend sign up for it, and another ask me about it. I tied it to my Facebook and it posts awards that you've won for working out...They know every other fecking thing about me, why not my workout habits? hahahaha

3. I have worked out 5 days since last post. Which was 8 days ago, so I am doing more rather than less. Yay me! I've done a bit of Turbo Jam, some walking, some Zumba, and at work, have a small challenge going with some clients and coworkers centered around the new Elliptical that I put together. We're starting small, so I am not yet counting those minutes as working out. When I hit 15 or 20 minutes, maybe I will count them.

Oh, and may I say that spending 4 hours to put together an elliptical is a workout in itself?

Anyway, water is up, vitamins are on, lunch is usually packed, and I am trying to move more days a week than not.

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