Thursday, July 26, 2012

MAT, Dexa and more!

This is going to be a really quick, point form update, as it is WAY past my bedtime.

1. I am continuing to see my Muscle Activation Therapist, Alan Thrasher, and continue to be amazed at the small but powerful changes. I am also mostly remembering to do the exercises every day.

2. I sorted out the mishap with the gym membership through work, and yesterday I went to a BodyFlow class. It's a mix of yoga, pilates, balance, and stretching. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. I was super duper sweating buckets, and watched at least 4 people bail on the class. I couldn't do all the moves, so I modified as many as I could and just stretched or rested on the few I couldn't. I was sore today though, boy and how!

3. Went and got my inital DEXA scan done at the Bone Wellness Center, which was completely awesome. I called for info and managed to get an appointment the same day. The office was easy to find, and had a big poster about the DEXA process while I waited.

The lady doing the scan was great, and sat down to review the results with me even though it was past closing time. The scan itself took less than 10 minutes, and apparently has gives off less radiation than a cross-country flight. Here's a look at the scanner:

Basically you strip down to your skivvies and put on a nifty paper gown, lie down for a few minutes, and VOILA! Scan complete! I can't wait until next year to get another one and compare to this one. Stay tunes, I will post more on the scan in the next blog entry.

4. I am continuing to work on my rollerblading, and will be taking a third class with Stephen Fisher, but this time I am moving up a level. I am going to be able to rollerblade down the Lakeshore path by September, I swear!

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