Tuesday, October 2, 2012

News Anchor calls out Weight Bully, and Spinning to Win

So I just went to a spin class, even though my intent was to do a much easier cardio class.

I took it on even though I was scared I would pass out/throw up. And I almost threw up, at least three time in fact!  But I sat where I had to sit, I turned down the tension when I needed it to be turned down.  My heart rate monitor reported 592 calories for the 50 minutes that I tracked (I always forget to start it!)

Afterwards the instructor came over to talk to me about how the class went, and to give me some tips. I was really surprised and happy that she went out of her way to do so! I've promised her that I will come back for at least FOUR more classes, to get acclimated to the activity.

On another note, I saw this amazing video today:

An occasional watcher of this show sent her a letter calling her out for being obese, and encouraging her to be a "better example" to the community, particularly young girls.  In the spirit of Anti-bullying week, she did a piece on the letter, on the impact to her and her workplace, and to how people who are engaging in bullying behaviour have an impact on others around them, especially if it is a parent setting that example to a child.

Ch..ch..check it out!

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