Monday, October 1, 2012

On the down and down

I just realized how long it's been since I checked in, so here I am!

I had a minor hiccup here and there (for instance, a week of stomach flu) however that's not been in my way at all. I've just been rolling with the punches, and eating on plan as best I can.

I'm finding it easier to stick to the routine, now that I am paying a lot of attention to packing my lunch for the day. That way I don't get to work unprepared, and get tempted to eat junk/fast food. I've been sticking to the while salad with protein combo for lunch, and will use lots of different nuts and seeds, sprouts, vegetables, sometimes bacon tempeh, and usually a chicken breast on top with an oil and vinegar dressing. I'm not sure I can ever get sick of salads, and mixing up the toppings every few days keeps it fresh palette wise.

I'm pretty lucky to have access to a full kitchen at work, and as you can see, I am trying to take advantage of that!

I've been using my heart rate monitor a lot lately, and trying to get the amount of time in the 3 heart rate zones on a more consistent basis. I've also been doing fun stuff to get in my cardio; I tried a Zumba class at the gym, playing Just Dance 3 on the Wii, going for a walk with the kid, etc.  I also have to rejoin the challenge at work, where some of the staff and clients are doing a certain amount of minutes on the elliptical per day.

The muscle activation stuff is going well, I have been doing hamstring activating exercises since the last session. It's had an impact on how my calves react when I walk, and there is a lot let of the crazy shooting pain in my legs the past two weeks. Bonus!

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