Monday, January 6, 2014

Holiday Reset - Fat Fast Day 1

So I have been maintaining around the same 7 lbs. for months, and although there were many days over the holiday that I ate keto, there were many, many more that I did not. Thus the up and down float of 7 lbs.

So Sunday I got my baking on and made myself a batch of Cheesecake Muffins and Lemon Cream Cheese Fat Bombs. In my head it all seemed very simple, only pack this, everything will be fine. I woke up this morning, did 20 mins of TurboJam (I don't care how dorky I may look doing that workout, I effing love the TurboJam. Effing. Love. It.) and then ate before I left. I think tomorrow I will try the same cardio but eat just before I get to work to stave off the mid-day "Hooongrays."

Anyway, meals for the day:

Brekkie: 1 creamcheese muffin, 2 slices PC Bacon
Lunch: Lemon Creamcheese Fatomb, add 1/4 packet splenda (I had to. I never splenda but I did not taste the recipe in my rush to cook/substituting 1 tbsp. xylitol for the 50 drops stevia. I dislike stevia, but was too light handed with the xylitol.)
Dinner: 1 creamcheese muffin, 2 slices PC Bacon
Snack: 1 creamcheese muffin, 2 slices Country Naturals Roast Beef

I'm not faint with hunger, but my head is having a really hard time wrapping itself around eating so little food. I love my big ass salads with a crap ton of veggies, smothered in bacon and ranch.

But I need. NEED. Need psychologically to get off this plateau (which yes, I get is caused by me giving up and cheating.) But really, if I eat at a deficit but too many carbs, the scale is going up. I don't know why, I don't care why, I just need to create some momentum.

Tomorrow I have the evening at home and will make my keto jalapeno poppers. It will make my day 2 so very much worth it.

TMI time, my pee is going a funny color again and I am testing 3/5 on the keto strips. Last time I did a fat fast it turned orange/pink and I went to the doctor's. Nothing came of it, so I figure I am okay to try it again. Yay kidneys! If it goes a fuunny color again I will see my doc again.

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