Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Holiday Reset - Fat Fast Day 2

So it's morning of day 2 and I hop on the scale, and it reads -2.6 lbs, and 1% bf. Awesome. I have now shifted below the weight I keep getting stuck at. Now I just have to keep my momentum going!

My sleep is still off quite a bit, and I was in bed late, so I managed to sleep through 4 alarms, so no, no morning cardio.

Food for the day:

Brekkie - 1 cheesecake muffin, 2 bacon
Lunch - 1 lemon cheesecake fat bomb, add 1/2 tsp xylitol, 1 pepperello
Dinner - 4 keto jalapeno poppers
Snack - slice of roast beef
Lots of water

1073 cals
17g carbs
5g fiber
97g fat
36g protein

I am struggling a lot with the psychology of not having a huge amount of food on my plate. It's really, really weird to experience but I have this undercurrent of "this is not enough, I can't do this" running on tape through my head all day.  I was thinking to do a 5 day fat fast, but I am not sure that I can maintain that without panicking. Sounds cowardly, I know, but it's this very scary, primal fear going on.

Day 3 for dinner I am going to break my fat fast with some Pho (extra meat, hold the noodles, extra sprouts) but I am concerned that I will have a hard time during the day. The key is to plan ahead and bring some food with me.

I am going to hold off on the gym today too. I don't think I want to spend an hour doing cardio on this amount of calories, and I also don't want to add to my insane fear of hunger. I will talk to one of my coworkers about hitting a cardio class Thursday on our lunch.

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